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So we are a month out from the 2014-2015 school year! For some, like myself, this year will be the final chapter in our undergraduate year. For others this will be only the beginning of the journey through college life. Welcome Class of 2018, I'm Alexis Littlefoot, a Journalism Senior in my 5th year at UK giving you the REAL tea about college.

Every day I will post a new piece of college advice that you can use to help navigate your way around campus and Lexington. Trust me, I've been doing this longer than you. Today's bit of advice will focus on Residence Life.

You're finally moving out on your own, this could be scary since you've been living at home for the last 18 years, especially if your parents live hours away. You'll get over it fast, you'll meet new people and form new cliques. Think of college as like entering another 4 years of high school, but at a bigger school and more people.

Depending on your location on campus and the dorm UK Student Housing has chosen for you, Res Life, will be a great learning experience. Some of you have met online and chosen to be roommates, others have had a random chosen for them. Each have their pros and cons:

Pros of choosing a roommate you know 

1. You'll be comfortable

You won't have to worry about getting the creepy roomie from hell if you decide to room with someone you've met via the web or someone you've grown up with. 

2. You'll already have a friend near by

You already share a common interest with this person since you've already decided you're ready to live with them. It will be easy to borrow/share things with one another and go to events with. 

3. They will take your late night activities to their grave

Look, we are all grown, if you're gonna get it poppin in the dorm have a roomie that's gonna keep your creep activities to themselves. You don't want all of campus to know that your roomie saw you and De'Quan from Haggin getting it in. Same for you boys, make sure your homie won't let it slip that you checked in a mud duck after the club.

Cons of choosing a roommate you know

1. Keep in mind you have never lived with this person before. 

Yes, they may have sounded like the perfect match for you via Facebook or Twitter but you never really know someone until you have lived with them. That goes for living with friends from home too. You will be cramped in a tiny space it might be too much. I've seen girls and guys that were the best of friends have to move dorms and apartments because they got on each other's nerves so bad. Really it's not that serious if you don't live with your bestie, it might even save your friendship.

2. They are going to know all your business 

If you're a private person you're gonna have to deal quickly. You're sharing a living area with another person and for some dorms maybe even 2 or 3 other people. People are nosey, that's inevitable, they're gonna know if you didn't shower the last 3 days, or if you didn't brush your teeth that day. They will listen in on your phone calls that you take while they are in the room if you like your own personal space then get a single room.  

3.  New School, new you

If you're coming to college expecting to create a new persona and your roomie has known you since 9th grade, kill those dreams, they will expose you with a quickness. Especially if ya'll fall out mid way through the school year like most roommates do (some end up kissing a making up, some don't). I'm just saying, Don't get embarrassed.

Pros of having a random roommate 

1. Developing a new friendship

Having a random roommate can prove that your old friends really weren't shit. I know some cases people that were randomly matched have become best friends.  Also, a random roomie could have your back more than anyone, even people you consider "friends".

2. Forces upkeep

Having a random will force you to keep order if you're a messy person. This person doesn't know you so you don't want their first impression being you living life foul.

3. They do their own thing

You don't feel obligated to hang out with that person on a regular basis. You each get a chance to do your own thing and meet different people. Where as with someone you already know you may be constantly around that person outside of classes. 

Cons of having a random roommate

1. Pet peeves

You may find that you and your roommate are complete opposites. You may get on each other's nerves from time to time. But if you guys don't hang out outside of the room it won't be as bad as loosing an entire friendship. But communicate as much as possible to avoid conflict.

2. The roommate from hell

You may get the random roommate from hell, you know that person with no home training that can't clean up after themself, doesn't know how to do laundry, always has their annoying ass friends in the room when you are trying to get work done, and ignores all the ground rules you guys set the first day of move in. 

All of these cons may sound shitty but there are ways around them. Develop a relationship with your RA! They are their to help, if you're having roommate issues or homesick you can go to them and talk. That's what they are there for. Also, set ground rules with your roomie DAY ONE, make sure you set a clear outline of each of your likes and dislikes. As well as, dicussing what to do if one has company over, barrowing items from one another, and study habits.

Living on campus vs. off campus housing

Chile! Both of these options have their cons but are each excellent living learning experiences. Personally I'd say live on campus as long as you possibly can. You're right there on campus so you don't have to drive or take the raggedy ass Lextran to get to class. Also with living off campus you'll be more tempted to not go to class, trust me. But at an apartment you can decorate and have you your own space to flourish, and you don't have to check people in and out. But in the dorm you can meet new people that live in the same building as you or close by. AND YOU HAVE MEAL PLAN WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED TO HEAR!?

Where am I?/Location on campus

As far as location, North campus is A1! You're close to everything but it's considered the "boring side of campus." Most of the people over there are honor students and really focused on their studies. But I heard it has it's nights where it cracks. The best dorm to live in would be Champions Court so if you're living there this year you're lucky!

Central campus is still close to campus but nothing really happens this way. You're in the dead center of campus which is great if you have class in Fine Arts, Chem-Phys, or in the Biology building. Best dorm on this side would be New Haggin. Haggin Hall has really came from the struggle it used to be an all boys dorm. Fellas thank God that UK got some act right and upgraded the dorms cause CHILE...

Last but not least is South Campus, where all the fuckery happens. This is the prime location for all you social butterflies. In Black UK, it's considered the "black" side of campus because literally all the black people live over there. Until the new dorms were built it also had some of the shittiest dorms, and still does in my opinion, if you're in the towers I feel bad for you. The best dorms to live in on this side are Woodland Glen, Smith, Baldwin and Ingles.

Wherever you decide or UK has decided for you to live and whomever you live with, these next four, five or even six years will be the greatest times of your life. Can't wait for you to experience it on your own. If you have any in depth questions feel free to ask me via twitter @yunglittlefoot. I'll answer any and everything! Hope this first post was helpful to most of you and good luck with move in!

xoxo Littlefoot