College Advice | Meal Plan

So you're probably wondering why all the upperclassmen keep tweeting you about "swipes". You my little freshies hold the key to unlock free meals for us on campus. If you live on campus you are provided a basic meal plan that cam be upgraded to a number of different options. I mean, if you're ballin like that go a head and upgrade, and still share the wealth. But if you're sticking to the minimum plan of 7 meal swipes/wk & $200 flex dollars, here's the real tea to dining on campus.

There are several key places you can eat using meal plan on campus, The "SC" (Student Center), Blazer, Ovids and Commons. Ovids is like the Red Lobster of campus dining, it has the best food and a cute dining setting so you and "bae" can go on a little date eating Spicy Beef Wraps and drinking Mocha Frappachinos from Starbucks. But be careful, you wouldn't want to run into your Monday "bae" while you're out parlaying with Tuesday "bae". But anyway, you eat Ovids if you're feeling like "when a rich nigga want you." Most Central & South Campus residents eat over here because of it's location (inside the William T. Young Library). North campus residents, forget about making that stroke unless you want to hop on the CATS bus, which is free.

Commons is my personal favorite, cause it's all you eat. Sometimes Commons wants to get jazzy and do some extra shit like Halloween themed food and thats a no go. Think of it as a Golden Corral. This is the only place to get quesadilla's on campus so this is why it's my spot. As far as the quality of food, it has it's days, but still good none the less. If you're a South campus resident you're going to be eating here a lot, get used to it.

Blazer Cafe..... eh. Blazer and I have a love/hate relationship. You really have to eat Blazer during one of it's themed days if not you're going to waste a swipe. Soul Food Wednesday is the most popular days to go, and it's pretty self explanatory as to why. SOUL FOOD, not quite like Momma's but it will do. This is the day upperclassmen are the thirstiest for your swipes. I'm more partial to Stir Fry Day, so if I've made you my Tuesday or Thursday, you're special in my book, and we're eating here.

The Student Center is THE SPOT during the day, this is where people go if they're tryna be seen or where friends come to hang out in between classes. But mostly just to be seen, but while you're trying to be seen you can eat here at one of the restaurants located in the cafe; Chick-fil-a, Subway, or if you have a death wish Sbarro. You'll find the line at Sbarro is always pretty much empty unless Chick-fil-a & Subway are packed.

Ok so, you're probably like why does she keep referring to days of the week. Well here's the tea. I told you earlier that you indeed hold the key and upperclassmen, like myself, will be after you solely for this access to free food, and most will have 5 different point of contacts for swipes. It's universal, eventually, as you go throughout your college career, you will find yourself plotting on freshman in order to receive free food. You'll feel our struggle and respect our hustle then.

Flex Dollars

Flex dollars are usually gone by middle of the semester, tbh. Either you were getting Starbucks everyday, or you handed your ID over one too many times. Don't worry you're not on your way to starvation if this happens, the meal plan recycles every week so you'll still have access to meal swipes but you'll just be coming out of your own pocket to feed your Starbucks addiction.

Will I survive?

If you're worried about if the basic meal plan is enough, don't fret you'll get by with it even if you do share your swipes and flex. You'll learn the free food swindle is real, take full advantage of any signs you see what advertise with free food. If you use any swipes or flex during K-Week you're a dummy. There's free food all over the place day and night, you probably wont touch your meal plan until may be the second week of school. During the year, you can sneak into "Come See For Yourself" sessions where there is a plethora of free food.

There's your advice for today, again if you you have any in-depth questions fee free to contact me via Twitter.