College Advice | Parties

So you think you're ready for your first collegiate event? I must say that college parties don't even compare to the parties I went to in high school. I really wasn't mentally prepared for it back then. These are the events you will remember from college. There are parties from my freshman and sophomore that I still talk about to this day. Some epic moments, and some, well, not so epic.

There are a number of events you will attend while in school, each party will be different from others. There are a few things that you must and mustn't do at parties, and there are a variety of different types of college parties.

This is where reputations are tarnished but where memories are made. Here's how to tackle college parties.

Tips For Tackling College Parties

1. Outfits

You are grown now, there is no reason for you and your friends you came with to be wearing matching outfits, this goes for matching color schemes too. Do not walk in the function looking like 3LW, 3 Lost Women. I'm only saying this because there are some people *cough cough* #UK16 that still do it. BE YOU! Wear something that will have you standing out from the 100 other girls in the room, it might even get you chose.

Guys, the sneaker game is super heavy, and just know that there's gonna be 150 other niggas in the party with the latest Jordans on too. Don't make it worse by matching with the nigga(s) you came with. If you got on 'He Got Game 13's' and your boy got on 'He Got Game 13's', somebody's gotta go change.

2. When throwing a party: If you don't have toilet paper, don't throw a party

Look, I know you're just itching to throw a house party in your first apartment or whatever, but if you don't have the essentials, toilet paper, soap, electricity, running water... you know, the basics, do not try to host the function.

3. If there is a twerk contest, don't enter

Remember earlier when I said these college events are where reputations are tarnished? This would be that instance. In August there will be a ton of back to school pool parties that everyone who's anyone at UK will be attending; at all of these events there will be a competition lined up that will require young collegiate ladies to lose all holiness about themselves for meaningless prizes. If you care anything about yourself you will not participate. Try it if you want to, but I've seen girls go from first name basis to "isn't that the girl from the twerk contest at..." or "remember when she did the twerk contest?". It's all good until you see yourself acting a monkey on social media. Do not become that girl, it will follow you. All actions from this competition will remain engraved for all of campus to see via vine loops, IG videos, and twitpics. We won't forget it happened.

4. Always have a second ride on deck

The time will present itself where bullets start flying after, and sometimes during a party. This will cause you to get separated from your group and in most cases left. If this happens your back up ride will come in handy. Don't get left and end up having to walk back to the dorms. Trust me.


Unless otherwise stated, actually, scratch that. ALWAYS bring your own booze to the party. Some house parties don't have free liquor for you to partake in so it's always nice to bring your own personal so you can get into the vibe of things. Don't get mad if you show up and all the free liquor is gone and you can't find anyone that's old enough to buy you booze. Always have a personal bottle for yourself handy. For night life events that you can't bring your own liquor into pre-game before, but make sure you have a DD. But that is not an invitation for you to get pissy drunk if you do have a DD, don't be that girl or that guy that's too drunk to even stand up at that party.

6. Be safe

While we are all here to have a good time, this is still college, anything can happen. If you have a cup don't sit it down. Watch your surroundings. I don't mean to mom you but for real niggas are savages out here, b. They will try to take advantage of you. Be alert.

**Protip: Always have an escape plan. You never know what shit might pop off, or the cops show up. Have a plan that will get you out of there undetected. Keep an eye on all exits.