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Welcome to week 2 of #WrestleBaeWedneday. This week's wrestlebae is straight outta Sin City. Vegas babe, cosplay QWEEN Brittni Sacco. Brittni is known for her epic wrestler cosplays (she's high key a Nikki Bella doppelgänger). A lot of you know Brittni from instagram so I had to get her background story of how she got into wrestling. Read Brittni's story below.

This is Brittni NOT Nikki, crazy right?

This is Brittni NOT Nikki, crazy right?

How did you get into wrestling? 

I got into wrestling because of my dad. He has been into wrestling before I could remember. When I was in elementary school I walked into my dad's room after he got off work, watching wrestling as usual. I just finally sat down and he would explain it to me. Who was who and what was going on. Being a tomboy growing up I immediately got hooked. It’s funny as the years pass how wrestling has become a huge part of my family and my life. Everyone watches Total Bellas and Total Divas. Yes even Dad! He and I still sit down every week to watch RAW and Smackdown.

What is your earliest wrestling memory?

My earliest memory was of a person. When I was little watching wrestling with my dad I remember Chyna. I thought she was the coolest woman ever. Growing up my parents put me in ballet and I hated it. I ended up in karate. I always had that I want to be beautiful, but be able to kick anyone’s butt. I found that in Chyna. She was definitely the first person I connected to from WWF. 

Your favorite wrestler of all time? (male, female or both)

My all time favorite male wrestler. Oh man. Has to be a tie between Taker and Razor. If I had to choose...sorry Razor have to go with Undertaker. 

Favorite Female wrestler has to be Nikki Bella of course. No surprise there. I have such a connection with Nikki. Every time I see her she is just so kind to me. In the ring she has grown and you can tell she has such a passion for wrestling. She is my idol. 

Brittni with her fave Scott Hall (Razor Ramon).

Brittni with her fave Scott Hall (Razor Ramon).

Brittni with her female fave Nikki Bella.

Brittni with her female fave Nikki Bella.

Best match of all time?

I have this match that I watch all the time because to me it never gets old. Is Summerslam 1995 Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon. It was a rematch for the IC Title and you could tell both men wanted it so bad. They put all they had in to that match and it was just incredible. Best match of all time!!!

If you were a WWE Superstar what would your theme song be?

I don’t have a specific song in mind, but I know the vibe I want. I would want a noise (like stone cold with the glass breaking) that when people hear it they know it’s me. For the music I want something sexy, but bad @$$. I’ve always liked the grungier music like Lita, Edge’s Metalingus, or even CM Punk’s Cult of Personality. A mix off all those things would be my ideal theme song.

Best Match Stipulation? (TLC, Steel Cage, etc.)

TLC is the best match stipulation in my opinion. The feeling you get seeing the wrestlers reaching under the ring. You’re waiting to see who will go through that table, get hit with that chair, or jump off a ladder, it’s just hands down my favorite! Keeps me on the edge of my seat.


Best WWE Theme song of all time?

Taker's. Hands down Takers theme song is my favorite. When that first bell hits I loose my sh*t. I also think the fact that being there when he retired and his music was playing the when he was walking off gives a whole new feeling to his music. He is a legend.

Favorite Pay-Per-View?

My favorite Pay-Per-View is Wrestlemania. I went to my first one last year. There is noting like that experience. I just feel like anything can happen at Wrestlemania. Being at 33 was such a rollercoaster. First off you're just in awe of the arena and how many fans are there. I had so much fun with the people around me. I cried when the Hardyz came out and when Nikki and John got engaged. Getting to see Triple H wrestle in person was on of my favorite moments. You can’t forget the entrances, costumes, and above all matches at Mania are so fun to see.

Superstar Crush?

I have always thought Jeff Hardy was just the hottest man in WWE. He has such a great smile and beautiful face. I love his tattoos too. When he started I was drawn to him because he was just so different from anyone in the industry. Also he is very artistic which is a hot to me.

Here she is repping her crush Jeff Hardy. An ode to Lita.

Here she is repping her crush Jeff Hardy. An ode to Lita.

F*ck, Marry, Kill: John Cena, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins? Explain why. 

Girl, you had to do me like that. Okay... F*ck Seth, Marry Cena, Kill Orton. WAIT Let me explain! F*ck Seth because he is such a bad @$$, what girl wouldn’t want to. Marry Cena because I've had a crush on him since I was little. Also watching him on Total Divas and Total Bellas with how he is so sweet with Nikki. Even meeting him in person he is such a sweet man. Lastly, this feels wrong but kill Orton. He is a beautiful human being and I am for sure a fan. My reasoning is I've seen too many of those Instagram photos and videos of him and his wife I just can't. 


You can follow Brittni on social media on twitter and instagram. You can also cop her WWE collab with Wild Bangarang.

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