#WrestleBaeWednesday 1.3.18 | @Vanessade_alba

Welcome to a new a brand new series on AlexisLittlefoot.com called #WrestleBaeWednesday I created this platform for a term I coined, Wrestlebae(s); women that are fans of wrestling, to tell their story on how they got wrapped up in this crazy sport that is pro wrestling. This weekly blog series will feature a new Wrestlebae every week. They are all women that love wrestling and they have answered a few burning questions.

My first WrestleBae is Vanessa Guevarra, this fly girl knows how to mix her street wear with her wrestle wear. Which you know I stan for. I first discovered Vanessa via instagram and her eye catching looks definitely were a stand out and she is so damn cute. She mixes just the right amount of Bay vibes with the wrestle vibes. Check her out below:

WBW Vanessa rocking a Chalkline Stone Cold Steve Austin jersey

WBW Vanessa rocking a Chalkline Stone Cold Steve Austin jersey

How did you get into wrestling? 

My mom was the one that got me into wrestling. I didn't grow up with any other sports. It was all WWF in my household. Wouldn't have it any other way!

What is your earliest wrestling memory?

I don't really have one specific memory but the first match I could remember watching would probably have to be a match between T&A with Trish Stratus versus Team Xtreme. This match had me HOOKED. I remember seeing Lita and thinking "wow she's so cool, I want to be just like her." And I was like, 8 years old wearing fish nets and baggy cargo pants [my mom wouldn't let me do the thong part] but I was trying to be her soooo bad! I would even get red hair spray to try and get her hair color. I had her WWF home video "It Just Feels Right" and had it on replay. Lita and Team Xtreme definitely made up most of my childhood.  

Who is your favorite wrestler of all time? (male, female or both)

Eddie Guerrero is my all time favorite male wrestler. Purely biased, to be honest. I went to Wrestlemania 19 in Seattle with my mom and her boyfriend, and we were visiting the Space Needle. What were the chances that we would be right behind Eddie Guerrero and his family? We ended up talking with them the whole time (my mom's boyfriend and Eddie were bonding over cars and lowriders). But what I remember the most was my mom telling Eddie that I wanted to be a wrestler. My mom shut down the dream long before, but Eddie told me that I "could do anything I set my mind to." And even though it's super cliche, it stuck with me forever and I'll never forget it.

Trish Stratus would probably be my favorite female wrestler. Although it was Lita that got me hooked into wrestling, it was Trish's heel character and her development in the ring that I truly admired. I definitely wanted to emulate her as much as I could. She WORKED the mic and she played both face and heel so well. I was always so invested in her storylines. 

You can follow Vanessa to see more of her looks on Instagram @vanessuplex 

You can follow Vanessa to see more of her looks on Instagram @vanessuplex 

Best match of all time?

I feel like my answer for this questions changes all the time. But right now I do wanna say my favorite match is the TLC match at Wrestlemania 17 with Edge & Christian vs. The Hardyz vs. Dudley Boyz. I don't even know what it is about that match but I just enjoy watching it so much. I feel like anyone can put it on at any time and I'll be glued to the screen from start to finish. 

If you were a WWE Superstar what would your theme song be?

I think about this all the time! It would either be CRZY by Kehlani or Bossy by Kelis (too bad Sasha Banks has claims to being "the boss"). OR, excuse this shameless plug, but I would probably ask my good friend Hollis to make my theme. 

Best Match Stipulation? (TLC, Steel Cage, etc.)

My favorite stipulation would probably be the TLC match. Going off of my answer to the "best match of all time," I just think they're so exciting. You never know what crazy spot is going to happen and I always live for those "holy shit" moments. 

Best WWE Theme song of all time?

It has to be John Cena's Basic Thuganomics. Don't @ me. That went SO hard for no reason.

Favorite Pay-Per-View?

Royal Rumble! I think it's the most exciting PPV (besides Mania of course) and the guest entrants always get me hyped! You never know who's going to come out. Also, it is the start of the road to Wrestlemania so everything is high stakes at this point on.

Superstar Crush?

I think anyone that follows me on Instagram or Twitter would know that I have the biggest crush on Seth Rollins.

Vanessa reps her crush Seth Rollins

Vanessa reps her crush Seth Rollins


Fuck, Marry, Kill: Roman Reigns, The Rock, The Usos?

I HATE this question... I'm so mad that they're all married. But I would fuck Roman Reigns.... because I want to know if the Big Dog is really the big dog. I would absolutely marry The Rock with no questions. He's been zaddy for as long as I can remember. And probably kill the Usos. Which I hate to say. But I'm only saying it because I want to fuck Roman and marry The Rock. All fine as HELL though.

Nessa brings the heat in a  OFFTHEROPE  tee

Nessa brings the heat in a OFFTHEROPE tee

Speaking of fine as hell that definitely defines Vanessa. She obviously brings the Latina Heat. You can check out Vanessa on Instagram and Twitter. As well as her Blog. If you have any additional questions for Vanessa head over to my Instagram at 8pm EST/ 5 pm PST we will be going live for an extended Q&A.

Stay tuned for Next Weeks WBW.