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Ah.  Finally..... (cue: Rock smolder) The last #Wrestlebae of the month, and certainly not the least. allow me to introduce you to Ebony. Another one of Naomi's faves and she is no question one of my faves as well. A College educated queen, and she's been down since..... DAY ONE ISH! I stan. I had to get Ebony's story to close out this month. Read more about her below.

Ebony know's who's yard it is!

Ebony know's who's yard it is!

How did you get into wrestling? 

I got into wrestling because I have two brothers, one older and one younger. I remember being around nine or ten, watching WWE with my little brother who would imitate the Rock and Rey Mysterio on a daily basis. Something about it (it was the beginning of the ruthless aggression era at that point) had me hooked.

What is your earliest wrestling memory? 

My earliest memory would have to be playing Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth on the PlayStation in the room my siblings and I shared. I remember my mom turning the game off any time we’d try and do bra and panties matches! 

Your favorite wrestler of all time? (male, female or both)

My favorite male wrestler of all time would have to be Stone Cold Steve Austin, and my favorite female would be Trish Stratus. They both have strong confidence and humor that translates so easily through TV. 

Kicking ass and stomping mud holes Ebony loves Stone Cold.

Kicking ass and stomping mud holes Ebony loves Stone Cold.

Best match of all time?

For me personally, I think the best match of all time would have to be The Dudley Boyz v. Edge and Christian v. The Hardys TLC match. It’s a match I could watch probably once a day and still be hooked and get excited. Sasha vs. Bayley in Brooklyn (the 1st time) is a close second! 

If you were a WWE Superstar what would your theme song be?

My theme song would definitely be anything by Beyoncé. Probably check on it, it’s one of my favorite songs by her. I’d have all pink gear and everything.  

Best Match Stipulation? (TLC, Steel Cage, etc.)

Best match stipulation to me is an extreme rules match, especially back in the 2000s. Those were probably a big reason my mom hated for us to watch WWE, haha. 

Best WWE Theme song of all time?

The best theme song to me is Stone Cold’s. Everyone in the arena knows before the song even starts who’s coming out, when the glass shatters. Shawn Michael’s is a close second. 

Melanin queens Ebony gets a pic with Naomi.

Melanin queens Ebony gets a pic with Naomi.

Favorite Pay-Per-View?

Besides Wrestlemania being the obvious one, my favorite PPV has always been the royal rumble. I always look forward to seeing who the surprise entrants are going to be, and now that there’s a women’s one too, it’s two times better.

Superstar Crush?

Anyone who knows me, knows it’s THE USOS. But besides them, Roman Reigns, Rusev and Elias! 

Couple goals? Ebony caught getting a selfie off with The Usos.

Couple goals? Ebony caught getting a selfie off with The Usos.

F*ck, Marry, Kill: Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Triple H? Explain why.

F: Shawn. M: Flair. K: HHH. Shawn has been fine since his debut, and he looks better than anyone in the skinny jeans. Ric seems like he’d be a fun husband and we could party, HHH gotta go. 

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Got more questions? Ebony and I will be going live tonight on Instagram at 8:30 PM EST. Come meet us! 

Alexis Littlefoot