#WrestlebaeWednesday 2.21.18 | @Mainstreetrat

We back at it like a crack addict! Back to the normal program of Black History Month edition of  WBW is back and I finally get to introduce you to Alia! My lil baby, she is my rock-ock-ock-ock-ock. Such a beautiful spirit with a dope mind. I had to get Alia's BHM Wrestling hot takes for this special Black WBW. Check her out below.


How did you get into wrestling?

I grew up with my god brothers and they always watched the shows as well as played the video games on the Playstation. Since they liked it, it meant that I had to like it too. And my late uncle used to watch it with me and my cousins whenever I would stay with them. So it was an all around family affair.

What is your earliest wrestling memory?

My earliest wrestling memory was The Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon’s wedding. It was my earliest because it was the most traumatizing. Any other three year old would never want to watch anything like that ever again. But like I said, since my god brothers and my cousins watched it, I had to boss up and watch it too. Then I eventually fell in love with it.

Your favorite wrestler of all time? (male, female or both)

A lot of people may be shocked but it’s Kurt Angle. He’s an all-around talent. His in-ring ability was amazing, he was charismatic, he was great on the mic. Kurt could be face or heel with no problem. Almost everything he was given, he killed it!

Best match of all time?

Michaels vs Taker Badd Blood ’97. Unmatched. Untouchable. I’m a whore for storytelling matches. I was shook the entire time. Not to mention, that was the pay-per-view Kane was introduced. So it’s just a joy to watch. I love it every time I watch.

If you were a WWE Superstar what would your theme song be?

Can I do a plug? RoddaMan - VHITR (Village Hidden in The Rain)! Literally no one has heard of it but it slaps! That would be it. It’s not everyone’s taste but he’s on Soundcloud. Check him out!

Best Match Stipulation? (TLC, Steel Cage, etc.)

Anyone who doesn’t say TLC, ya moms a hoe, just sayin.

Best WWE Theme song of all time?

Can I pick a Show theme? Because The Beautiful People theme from Smackdown? Nothing will ever top. But if we have to do superstar themes? We not gon’ act like Christian didn’t have the best theme of all time. The male AND female version slapped. However, Nicki did THAT with Victoria’s theme.

Favorite Pay-Per-View?

I’m basic lol. Wrestlemania. It’s the pay-per-view that makes me cry the most.

Superstar Crush?

Like current? The Usos. By far. Jey, more specifically. Roman too. And Seth.

Favorite (non-match) WWE moment?

It’s fairly recent. When Aleister finally said Velveteen’s name after their Takeover match. When I tell you that I was a sobbing mess? I was in SHAMBLES.

What African American superstars stand out to you?

Can I say all of them? You know I’m rooting for everyone black. Titus is a heavensent because I really appreciate how he uses his platform to outreach for not just the black communities but all communities in need of help. It’s amazing. I see that Apollo is on the same path for that as well. Mark Henry is a heavensent for talent scouting. He gave us Bianca Belair and Braun Strowman! He spotted them and we already see that those two are becoming huge stars! With Henry’s natural eye for the business? Its going to bring in so many new favorites for me! Naomi literally came from the bottom with no real support from the suits but still managed to rise above it and make a name for herself. And now she’s loved by so many people because of her creativity and charisma. And then Sasha’s passion and drive is outstanding. Everything she does is untouchable at this point. I just want sis to win. JUST EVERYONE. Jason, Bianca, Ember, Alicia, New Day, Street Profits, Cedric, Shelton, and even R-truth. They all stand out to me because I can see myself in them in some shape or form.

In your opinion how important is black representation in WWE? Why?

It shows black people that we do have a chance. There is room for us in this section of entertainment business. And we’re not just the scary heel or goofy coon either. For example, New Day, Montez, Angelo and Velveteen remind me that it’s okay to be a carefree black person no matter where you are. Which I think is especially important representation for black men. They’re all different and they aren’t thugs or evil. They’re just black men doing great things and being loved by everyone. And I honestly cried watching Bianca stand against all of those women in the Mae Young Classic. For a black woman who is new to the business to hold her own against greats who have been doing this wrestling thing their entire lives? Even though she lost, you can see the emotion and the love that she had gained for the business. It was in her eyes and it was so inspiring. Then I’m reminded of Jazz and Jacqueline. Such dominant women in the business that were so underrated and underappreciated. I’ve loved Jacqueline the moment I seen her bodyslam Chris Benoit in WCW during his match against Kevin Sullivan. It was unheard of for women to wrestle men. So to see her do that to one of my other favorites? It was so mindblowing. Black girl magic to a tee! She inspired me to even want to go be a diva once upon a time. Thankfully I’ve learned that the business isn’t for me – the wrestling part, at least – but to know that strong black women could lead me to that dream is miraculous. And I know that women like Ember, Bianca, and Sasha are going to uplift little black girls like I was to go out and follow that dream. It is so important to have us represented in a positive light because it has been proven that black wrestlers matter and they shine so bright!


Who is the most overrated Superstar?

Dolph Ziggler. Screw him.

Have you ever been to a WWE live event? Which? If not, which one would you like to attend?

YES. I’ve been to RAW twice. Once for my birthday and another when my mommy won me tickets in a suite to watch. Both shows I cried, ofc.


F*ck, Marry, Kill: Booker T, Big E, Kofi Kingston? Explain why.

F*ck: Kofi, cuz…have you seen that man?
Marry: Big E, he’s just an all-around guy. He’s sweet, he’s funny, but he can be serious. I’d want him to break my back multiple times too.
Kill: Booker, NOT BY CHOICE. Only because it’s the only option left.