#WrestlebaeWednesday 2.7.18 | @Kyralove_

Whew. We made it to month two of Wrestlebae Wednesday, I couldn't be more excited for February WBW's because all month long I'm celebrating Black History Month by introducing you to Wrestlebaes of color. Growing up I was so inspired and amazed by black women in the ring like Jazz and Jacqueline because they were athletic, empowering and the looked like me. Even back then even though the WOC representation was small it had an impact on me as a little girl. It's something that is very important to me even still. But enough about me (we will get to that at a later date *wink*), allow me to introduce you to February's first Wrestlebae of the week, @Kiyruh. Look at all that melanin. POPPING! *Insert Drool Emoji* She's a wrestlebae I just started following and her photos stuck out to me so much I had to have her be apart of this February WBW movement. Peep her story below:

Ky showing off some Uso attitude.

Ky showing off some Uso attitude.

How did you get into wrestling?

I got in the wrestling fairly quickly. My brothers would be watching on their little box TV together, and I would come in and sit and watch. I was too young to know what was going on, but whatever it was, I liked it. A lot. 

What is your earliest wrestling memory?

Well both brothers had opposite game systems at the time so while one had an xbox, the other had a play station which meant dual games. They both would buy Smackdown vs Raw and I would be jolting from room to room to watch each one of them play their game, begging one of them to let me get on.

Your favorite wrestler of all time? (male, female or both)

Y’all already know I love the Usos, but Trish Stratus is literally my mom. My mutuals know that I literally cry every time I see her. I just love her so much.

We love a QWEEN that keeps it hood, peep the Flamin Hot Funyuns.

We love a QWEEN that keeps it hood, peep the Flamin Hot Funyuns.

Best match of all time?

Honestly, throughout 2017’s entirety, there have been so many amazing matches but I always found my eyes glued to the screen whenever I seen New Day and The Usos match up. Something about it brought magic every time. 

If you were a WWE Superstar what would your theme song be?

I think I’d want some type of Aaliyah instrumental from her OIAM album. All those songs were bops and upbeat/ smooth. I need that type of energy and charm going into the ring. 

Best Match Stipulation? (TLC, Steel Cage, etc.)

I'd say Hell In A Cell because there are open ended possibilities when you step behind that cell wiring. Pretty cool if you ask me. 

Best WWE Theme song of all time?

Um? Trish’s obviously. Listen to the whole song on iTunes or Spotify. Things Lil Kim did: THAT.

This girl just glows.

This girl just glows.

Favorite Pay-Per-View?

Survivor Series is always fun because it’s actually a competition throughout the entire PPV so you’re on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Superstar Crush?

Girl, my list is so random. We got Jimmy who is so beautiful, Jeff Hardy with those tattoos (sheesh), and Kofi looking like a chocolate king.

Favorite (non-match) WWE moment?

I honestly love seeing everybody meet their favs. I haven’t been blessed with that yet but the way they treat everyone else gives me hope that my experience will be entirely worth the wait. 

Which African American superstars stand out to you?

Definitely Naomi. Her athleticism is so underrated and she’s under appreciated. I hope to see her in the HOF one day because there is literally no one like her.

In your opinion how important is black representation in WWE? Why?

Black representation is important in the WWE because it shows the diversity in it which is something it terribly lacked a while ago. We have so many talented and creative individuals in the company now who are actually black, and have been getting pushed in this past year and they made the most of it, showing what they can do. I love seeing that.


Who is the most overrated Superstar?

Okay, I never seen much of the hype in Maria. Somebody please explain because she’s underwhelming and bores me.

Have you ever been to a WWE live event? Which? If not, which one would you like to attend?

I would love to go to Wrestlemania one year to even Summer Slam (shoutout to the girls). I think that’d be pretty dope to attend one day.


F*ck, Marry, Kill: Booker T, Big E, Kofi Kingston? Explain why.

Fuck: Big E because wow.

Marry: Kofi because he’s a smol bean who I love.

Kill: Booker T. Sorry fam.

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