Reel Talk | 'Roxanne Roxanne' The True Story of Roxanne Shanté

On March 23rd Netflix premiered the biopic of raptress Roxanne Shanté produced by Pharrell Williams and Forrest Whitaker. The film follows the real life events of Lolita Shanté Gooden Hip-Hop first female lyricist throughout some of the toughest times in her life, as she calls it, "things I have survived". Known most notably by her stage name, Roxanne Shanté, busted on to the Hip-Hop scene at the age of 14 the was dominant in the battle scene in Queensbridge; Queens, New York where she grew up. The film follows both her triumphs in the rap game after recording her first hit song 'Roxanne's Revinge' but also her tribulations growing up in the projects and having to care for her younger siblings after her mother becomes an alcoholic and their father runs out with they family's life savings. Even after Roxanne becomes a mega star the lifestyle and the projects cause major struggles in her life. The film stars some heavy hitters in the game such as Nia Long, Mahershala Ali and Elvis Nolasco.

I knew a little about Roxanne's life but watching this movie was very interesting and showed me things I didn't know about the first Queen of Hip-Hop. As far as Netfilx Originals go I rate it a 9/10. Stream this film on Netflix now.