#WrestlebaeWednesday 1.2.19 | @RealTejana

Spicy mami, hot tamale… The 2019 Wrestlebae Wednesday series is kicking off with some serious flava! I stumbled upon this weeks Wrestlebae Wednesday early last year and she’s been bringing that Latina heat ever since. Meet Elizabeth, or simply Eli; Latin culture has had a strong influence in wrestling for a historic amount of time. Luchadors have always been some of my favorites in the biz and Eli’s mexican heritage fuels her support of the Lucha side of wrestling which is what made her stand out to me among all the diverse Wrestlebaes, you just don’t see many girls at Lucha shows.

Latina World Order, Eli bringing that Latin Spice

Latina World Order, Eli bringing that Latin Spice

How did you get into wrestling? 

I got into wrestling because of my dad. His side of the family would always watch and would go to shows when they lived in Mexico.  So it naturally came to me when I got introduced to it. My dad and I along with my siblings would watch religiously. Later on my mom banned me from watching it but I sneakily would when she wasn't around. Eventually I stopped watching for years when we had to give up cable in order to save money. It wasn't until 2012 or so when I was able to watch it again and ever since I've been watching religiously with my parents now that my mom has grown to love it.

What is your earliest wrestling memory?

I remember my dad and uncle's watching AAA one night. I got curious as to what it was so I sat with them to watch and instantly fell in love with Lucha style ( I love me some high flyers). My dad introduced me to WWE within the weeks of watching Lucha Libre for the first time and I remember seeing Chyna on the way to the ring and I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Seeing how different she was had me drawn to her and had me wanting to tune just to see her.

Your favorite wrestler of all time? (male, female or both)

Repping her fave the late great Eddie Guerrero

Repping her fave the late great Eddie Guerrero

It's no secret my all time favorite wrestler is Eddie Guerrero. He was such a  badass, the way he came out oozing confidence like "yeah I'm a bad mf" always brought a smile to my face. I loved how much he represented our Raza and that was so inspiring to me growing up. The influence he has on people to this day shows how much he was loved and respected. 

Best match of all time?

Whew, so many amazing matches but Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at Mania was iconic! Everything about that match was amazing. I'll throw in my favorite non WWE match. Lucha Underground Season 3 Killshot vs. Ar Fox in the hell of war match at Ultima Lucha Tres. I suggest everyone look it up. It had me SHOOK!

If you were a WWE Superstar what would your theme song be?

Hmmm. My theme song would have to be a bop like Bianca Belair's. It’s so many to chose from so I'll go with Bodak Yellow (Spanish version) so I can have everyone lit with me! 


Best Match Stipulation? (TLC, Steel Cage, etc.)

Ladder match! Seeing someone climbing the ladder always gets my anxiety up because you don't know if they'll be thrown off the ladder or if they'll get it. I love seeing high risk maneuvers off the ladder! 

Best WWE Theme song of all time?

Undertaker's Rest in Peace! I always get chills when I hear it. Especially hearing it at Mania 33 live for the first time. I was emotional!

Favorite Pay-Per-View?

Royal Rumble! The suspense of who will be coming out always has me on the edge of my seat!

Superstar Crush?

Finn Balor! He needs some of this sazón in his life!

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Pento Zero Miedo, Velveteen Dream, Rey Mysterio? Explain why.

Girl why you had to do me like this? Ok so Fuck Penta because he's so dark and mysterious and I love that shit!
Marry Dream so I can lick his abs every night! 
Ilysm Rey but I have to kill you!

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