#ThriftyThursday 1.3.19 | TJ Maxx Come Up


If you’re a shopaholic like me one of your New Year’s resolutions was probably to spend less. But spending less doesn’t mean you can’t shop for less, and shopping for less doesn’t mean you have to buy off brand products. Off-price stores like Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx are home to a ton of discounted name band items. My recent trip to TJ Maxx was a gold mine; from high end beauty brands like Marc Jacobs, Shiseido and Algenist to drug store brands like NYX and Shea Moisture I scooped up a few faves and new products to try for way below retail.


The first item I SNATCHED off the shelf was a product I tried out about a year or so ago via Influenster. The price tag is pretty high for me so I never brought myself to purchase this one before now. The Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in the shade Fantasy retails for $44 on Marc Jacobs Beauty and Sephora. I managed to swipe one up for $19.99.


The second item I’ve seen one of my YouTube Beauty faves SonjdraDeluxe use so as soon as I saw this sitting by itself on the shelf I had to take it home. Evian Facial Spray gives a refreshing mist of 100% Pure Evian Natural Mineral Water it can be found via Evian for $18 but I got it for  $9.99!

Impressions Vanity is a company I have seen all over Instagram selling expensive LED vanity mirrors but they also sell compact size mirrors I snagged this TouchUp Dimmable LED Compact Mirror for $7.99 full price for this compact is $19 but Impressions Vanity has it on sale for $16.99 currently.


TJ Maxx also helped me discover products I’ve never seen or thought about purchasing from brands that are in my everyday routine. Shea Moisture is once of my go to beauty brands for skincare, I am obsessed with their coffee scrub, I picked up this Lemongrass and Ginger Hand and Body Scrub for $5.99 it is currently sold out online and buy I did manage to find Walmart did sell it at one point for $14.82 with a clearance price of $11.22. I also picked up this Raw Shea Butter Rhassoul Clay Shampoo Bar that is available at Shea Moisture ($9.99) for $3.99 and this Pure Vitamin E Oil for $5.99 which is also available at Shea Moisture ($9.99). 


H2O beauty is also a brand I love for body care. I found their Teak Rose Body Butter Stick for $5.99!  I scored this Anastasia Beverly Hills Metallic Eyeliner for $7.99


Microneedling is a trend I wanted to try for a while I have been nervous about the pain and tools can be expensive I picked up my final item, a Valjean Labs Derma Roller for $8! 

In total I spent $75 on a purchase that would have cost me