#WrestlebaeWednesday 1.9.19 | @AubreyGilt

Who said Wrestlebaes had to be well known? There are tons and tons of lady wrestling fans that are hidden gems. Today’s featured Wrestlebae is exactly that! Meet Aubrey, she has a spam account so her non-wrestling friends don’t get PO’d at her constant wrestling banter. Which is amazing to me cause all my friends also get pissed at me bringing wrestling twitter to their feeds. I feel you Aubrey. One of the quieter Wrestlebaes of Wrestling Twitter Aubrey tends to have really great takes and tweets. She’s caught my eye a few times on Twitter, catch her wrestling origin story here.


How did you get into wrestling? 

I got into wrestling because of my uncle. He was looking after me a lot while my mom worked when I was about 5-10 years old. We did nothing but play wrestling games on PlayStation and Dreamcast. All the kids in the family ended up getting together and watching it every week. We all had a pretty rough upbringing and wrestling was all of our escape. Women’s wrestling was my absolute favorite, and once the Edge/Lita angle started, I tuned out. For ten years. In 2016, I picked it back up after stumbling across a Charlotte Flair match. I watched her triple threat with Sasha & Becky at Wrestlemania and I was speechless. And hooked again!

What is your earliest wrestling memory?

My earliest wrestling memory was definitely of Stone Cold rolling in to the arena with the beer truck. He was the most badass guy on TV and he was my uncle’s favorite so we were all hyped up anytime he came on. He was the face of WWE for us.

Your favorite wrestler of all time? (male, female or both)

Lita. She was my all time favorite. Her high flying moves stood out above the other females back then. She was different and inspiring. Not to mention the fishnets, tattoos, and red hair which I’d be sporting as a teen thanks to her. I felt almost protective of her as she was the reason I continued watching week to week, so when her story angle took that final turn I couldn’t deal. Luckily, I picked back up at the perfect time. I honestly shed a happy tear when she debuted at the Royal Rumble wearing #timesup on her gear! 

Best match of all time?

I gotta say Hardy Boys vs Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boys at Wrestlemania 17. Who could forget that spear by Edge while Jeff was mid-air?!? That tag team division was incredible. 

If you were a WWE Superstar what would your theme song be?

Girl, I have always said it would be Victoria’s old theme that started with Nicki Minaj saying “I ain’t the lady to mess with!” 

Best Match Stipulation? (TLC, Steel Cage, etc.)

Last Man/Woman Standing are my favorites. You know you’re about to see those superstars put their all into those matches. 

Best WWE Theme song of all time?

Trish Stratus’s is it for me. When that laugh hits!!! Gives me goosebumps. Becky’s WHOA AH OH OH OH OH is so iconic though. Can I pick both? :)

Favorite Pay-Per-View?

Royal Rumble!! Those have always been my favorites because of the surprise entries and even moreso now that they have the women’s rumble. I’m going to the rumble as my first PPV this month.

One of the Baddest Wrestlebaes on the Planet

One of the Baddest Wrestlebaes on the Planet

Superstar Crush?

Finn Balor. That dude looks like he is sculpted from marble. It’s crazy.

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Ricochet? Explain why.

Fuck Adam Cole, he is too fine!!!! Marry Ricochet because he seems like he’d have the best sense of humor, and kill Bobby Fish by default lol

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