#WrestlebaeWednesday 2.6.19 | @UndisputedColby

This month for every #WrestlebaeWednesday I am featuring a Wrestlebae of color in honor of Black History Month. Representation has been a big topic in wrestling and I believe that it is important to highlight positive African American women inside and outside of the ring. This week’s Wrestlebae is Colby. Her infectious smile and hilarious commentary is what drew me to her. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Colby a few times and she is literally the sweetest girl in the world. She may get suspended from twitter a time or two but she is one of the most unproblematic Wrestlebaes. Read her story below.


How did you get into wrestling? 

My brothers and my dad would ALWAYS watch it, one say i just went downstairs when they were all watching it and i was hooked from that moment. Literally thought it was the coolest thing ever on tv.

What is your earliest wrestling memory?

You'd think that HBK being my all time favorite it would be something involving him but I really remember Undertaker hanging Bossman, maybe cause it was just shocking and I've never witnessed anything like that before but yeah that is stuck in my head FOREVER.

Your favorite wrestler of all time? (male, female or both)

Shawn Michaels forever! its funny cause when I actually got back into watching wrestling again, my mom told me how i use to cry everyday wanting to watch Shawn on tv. even days when wrestling wasn't on. That man was seriously something special to me, still is.

Best match of all time?

I know everyone says this but Undertaker vs. Shawn at Mania 25 was amazing! The match  was AMAZING to me. I literally had to watch and order that ppv just to watch that match, I begged my parents okay.

If you were a WWE Superstar what would your theme song be?

Problem- Natalia Kills. It's a great bad bitch song. I don't understand why anyone isn't using it right now lol.

Best Match Stipulation? (TLC, Steel Cage, etc.)

Oh, it’s a tie between WarGames and Hell In A Cell match. HIAC matches have always been entertaining to me and what NXT is doing with WarGames is just wow! I would love to see one with the Main Roster one day.

Best WWE Theme song of all time?

Superstar theme song ? My Time- Triple H or The Time is Now- John Cena  PPV? My House. My house is fire okay, don't @ me saying otherwise 

Favorite Pay-Per-View?

Wrestlemania. No matter the card, Wrestlemania.

Superstar Crush?


Not that it's a surprise or anything, Roman Reigns. Kyle O'Reilly too. Both beautiful men, Don't sleep on them!

Favorite (non-match) WWE moment?

The moment after Bayley won the NXT title from Sasha in Brooklyn. The other 4HW just coming out and showing her love and them embracing each other makes me cry every time. It was truly a beautiful moment to me.

What African American superstars stand out to you?

There's a few, Naomi and Bianca for one. Holding it down for us black girls out here, showing the little one that black women can make it in this business. I also love how they're both not trying t be something they're not and don't care what people think. New Day because they really made nothing into something and they're killing it. Kofi still needs to be WWE chamo already though.


In your opinion how important is black representation in WWE? Why?

It's always amazing to see people that look like you doing something that you love and enjoy watching. I don't think get how much of a pact that is for children to see. In my opinion that gives a lot of people more motivation than before to go after being a WWE superstar seeing a black woman/man succeed in this business is empowering as hell to me.

Who is the most overrated Superstar?

Hulk Hogan, man did not know how to wrestle at all. All he did was wear McDonald's colors and be racist

Have you ever been to a WWE live event? Which? If not, which one would you like to attend.

Yes,I've been to a couple Manias, Raws, other PPVs. I highly recommend going to one of the Big 4 PPV's if you guys can. Besides seeing a great Takeover and PPV, you meet so many amazing people who love this crazy thing called wrestling like you.

F*ck, Marry, Kill: Xavier Woods, Big E, Kofi Kingston?

Marry: Kofi. Fuck: Big E. Kill: Woods