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#WrestlebaeWednesday 1.9.19 | @AubreyGilt

Meet Aubrey, she has a spam account so her non-wrestling friends don’t get PO’d at her constant wrestling banter. Which is amazing to me cause all my friends also get pissed at me bringing wrestling twitter to their feeds. I feel you Aubrey. One of the quieter Wrestlebaes of Wrestling Twitter Aubrey tends to have really great takes and tweets. She’s caught my eye a few times on Twitter, catch her wrestling origin story here.

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#WrestlebaeWednesday 1.2.19 | @RealTejana

Meet 2019’s first WBW, Eli, Eli’s mexican heritage fuels her support of the Lucha side of wrestling which is what made her stand out to me among all the diverse Wrestlebaes, you just don’t see many girls at Lucha shows. Latin culture has had a strong influence in wrestling for a historic amount of time. Luchadors have always been some of my favorites in the biz and Eli goes so hard for the high flyers. Check out her Lucha story here

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#WrestlebaeWednesday 09.19.18 | @AngelShaunta

Meet Angel, she’s my go to for wrestling hot takes because she goes hard, No Holds Barred. She’s passionate, she respects the business but when she feels a way she will let the internet know. Which is why getting her background on how she became a wrestling fan during the time when the women’s division was S-T-R-U-G-G-L-I-N-G was important. Read her story here

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